How it works

How does it work?

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Frequently asked questions & their answers

  • Create your own product, make a bespoke perfume, perfume your places or have a combination of services.
  • Choose from the options available in the section of your choice.
  • Send your selection for a non-binding quote.
  • For a Private Label service, you can provide us with all the materials, or use some of ours.
  • We ship the goods to your specified destination.
  • Please note that for legislative reasons, certain fragrances may not be available in certain product categories. We reserve the right to reject a project for a technical or for any other reason.

Prices vary depending on your project. Examples for a standard product with a La Collection fragrance:

  • GLASS CANDLE 55 ml, your B/W logo: from 3.80 €/50 units,
  • GLASS CANDLE 220 ml,your B/W logo: from € 9.90/50 units
  • ROOM SPRAY 100 ml: from € 10.90 / 50 units
  • STICK DIFFUSERS 100 ml: from 13.90 € / 50 units

Perfume creations: if you choose to use this service, prices vary between € 2,800 and € 10,800 (see options in the Create your Perfume section). The price per kg of the perfume produced is established at the start of the project, and will depend on the ingredients used, the quantities produced, etc.
No costs are incurred without your prior consent. Prices exclude taxes and shipping

  • Production times for standard items are 30 to 45 days. Due to COVID 19, some delays are possible.
  • The deadlines for creating a bespoke perfume vary depending on your project. A detailed schedule will be provided with each project file and the necessary legislative / testing requirements. Timings are typically between 3 and 9 months.

Scroll down to the letter “i” next to each product icon in the Create Your Product section. Examples:

  • 50 units for candles, reeds, sprays.
  • 100 units for perfumes
  • 500 units for car diffusers, mini bed and linen sprays 5000 units for amenities and some cosmetics
  • 0.5 liter for oils
  • 20 liters of perfume concentrate for tailor-made perfume creations

Quantities valid for the listed containers / perfumes, which will be personalized with your logo and case. You can also choose to provide us with your container (subject to technical / legislative approval).

  • Our products are of European, American and Swiss origin.
  • The machines are German or Chinese.
  • The perfumes are made in France.

We take care of it all:

  • From design to manufacturing, including testing, storage and legislation.
  • TUV / SGS / Intertek documentation and certifications, if required. (subject to additional charges)