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We take care of it all:


No hidden costs. No reorder obligations


Go to the “Create Your Products” section and scroll over the “i” icon next to each product for detailed quantity information.


50 units for candles, reeds, sprays.
100 units for perfumes

Quantities shown are for standard containers/fragrances, personalized with your logo on the bottle and packaging. You can also provide us with your container (subject to technical approval).

The delivery times for the standard products are 30-45 days. Please note that due to COVID 19 times may vary.

Fragrance creation time depends on your project. Custom fragrances and private label products are subject to timelines established in a brief for each project and regulatory/testing requirements.

Prices vary depending on your project. You will receive a non-binding offer. Examples for standard products in the entry level range:

55 ml GLASS CANDLES with your b/w logo: from 3,80 € / 50 pieces,
220 ml GLASS CANDLES with your b/w logo: from 9,90 € / 50 pieces
100 ml ROOM SPRAY: from 10,90 € / 50 pieces
100 ml REED DIFFUSERS: 13,90 € / 50 pieces

For customized perfumes and private labels, individual offers apply, based on the characteristics of the products.

Prices exclude taxes and shipping

Our products are from EU, USA and Switzerland. The machines are from Germany or China.

The perfumes are made in France.

We take care of it all. From design to manufacturing, storage, testing and legislation. Export documentation and UV/SGS/Intertek certification if required. (subject to additional fees)

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