Create your fragrance


Create your bespoke perfume. Select your service level and options. Describe your project objectives.
Whatever your choice, your custom fragrance is reserved for your exclusive use so that you remain UNIQUE.


  • We discuss together the fragrance theme, different production, packaging, conditioning, marketing et commerciale aspects.
  • We begin formulation and sampling. For the Demi-Mesure and Sur-Mesure services you are in direct contact with your Perfumer.
  • We ship your trials express on an ongoing basis until we reach the final result.
  • The approved formula of your bespoke perfume goes into production and maceration
  • Choose to receive the fragrance only, or use it for the development of a finished product – perfume, candle, spray, etc..
  • Click here to see some of our creations or check our Instagram.
  • Prêt-à-porter formulae are ready for use. Production and maceration of the fragrance is approx. 45 days.
  • For Demi-Mesure and Sur-Mesure projects timing is established individually. Typical duration is between 3 -9 months.
  • Testing depends on the product category – for perfumes approx 4 months
  • Between € 2’800 and € 10’800 in accordance to your choice. Demi-Mesure & Sur-Mesure pricing includes 20 or 50 reformulations accordingly.
  • Testing, fragrance and line productions are billed separately, if needed, in accordance to the product characteristics and the quantities ordered.
  • Products can be delivered in bulk, or in the packaging of your choice. A non-binding offer will be sent to you in accordance to our discussions, your choice of ingredients, quantities ordered and choice of fragrance and packaging.
  • No costs are incurred without your prior consent.
  • Reimbursements are not possible, as formulation is done for the client exclusively.
  • Per kg price of the produced fragrance is established from the very beginning of the project brief, and will depend on the ingredients used, the quantities produced, etc.
  • Prices exclude taxes and delivery charges.
  • Formulae are reserved for your exclusive use for as long as reorders last or up to 3 years after your last order.
  • Reformulations are made in case of legislative changes.

Minimum order for your bulk bespoke perfume / custom fragrance is 20kg of concentrate (10 kg in certain cases).
Finished product vary by product category.

All fragrances are made in France. Formulation is made in accordance to the legislative requirements established by the client at the very beginning of the project. (EU, GCC, IFRA, etc).

Testing is conducted by our partner labs, you may choose yours. Standard testing times for new fragrance creations is 4 months. EU Product Information files, TUV/SGS/Intertek certificates of conformity, Certificates of orgigin and other documentations are established in accordance to market export requirements.