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Most frequent questions and answers
  • Select the product category. You can choose more than one. Minimum order quantities are indicated on the top right corner – “i” button.
  • Choose a fragrance from the list. Descriptive of each one can be found on the top right corner – “i” button.
  • You may also choose to develop your own fragrance or pick an essential beauty oil instead for certain categories.
  • Proceed to a container of your choice. You can also send us a container of yours for your production. (subject to technical and legislative approval)
  • Fill in your details and send us the project for an non-binding estimate.
  • Proceed with sending us your logo and designs for the production of the items
  • We ship the goods to your indicated destination.
Please note that for legislative reasons certain fragrances may not be declined in some product categories. We reserve the right to reject a project for technical or any other reason.


Prices vary in accordance to your project. Examples for a standard product with a perfume from La Collection:

55 ml GLASS CANDLE with your B/W logo: from € 3.80 / 50 units,
220 ml GLASS CANDLE with your B/W logo:  from € 9.90 / 50 units
100 ml ROOM SPRAY: from € 10.90 / 50 units
100 ml REED DIFFUSERS: € 13.90 / 50 units

The price for the fragrance service, if you choose to use it, may vary between € 2’800 and € 10’800 (see options in section Create your Fragrance). Per kg price of the produced fragrance is established from the very beginning of the project brief, and will depend on the ingredients used, the quantities produced, etc. No costs are incurred without your prior consent.

Prices excl. taxes and transport

  • Production times of standard items are 30-45 days. Due to COVID 19, certain delays are possible.

  • Fragrance creation times vary in accordance to your project. A detailed timeline will be given with each project Brief and the legislative/testing requirements needed.

  • 45 days is the approximate standard production time of the created fragrance
  • Sсroll over the letter “i” next to each product icon in the section Create your Product


    50 units for candles, reeds, sprays.
    100 units for perfumes
    500 units for car diffusers, mini bed and linen sprays
    5000 units for amenities and certain cosmetics
    0.5 litres for oils
    20 liters of perfume concentrate for custom perfume creations

    Quantities are given for the listed containers/fragrances, which will be personalised with your logo and box. You may also choose to provide us with your container (subject to technical / legislative approval).

Our products are of EU, US, and Swiss origin. Machines are German or Chinese.

Perfumes are made in France.

We take care of it all. From conception to manufacturing, testing, storage and legislation. Export documentation and TUV/SGS certifications when necessary. (subject to additional fees)


Let us begin the journey!