Perfume families

Parfume families


The family of freshness and lightness, a splash of Eau de Cologne, a recollection of the Mediterranean. It is constructed around Citrus and the essential oils of Lemon, Orange, Grapefruit, Tangerine or Bergamot.


The family of the garrigue, a bouquet of springtime countryside with its tonic green herbal notes. A recollection of the cupboard in the French Provence perfumed with lavender; of an infusion on a patio in Corsica. Constructed around Lavender, Thyme or Rosemary. A virile character defining this classic masculine family.


The family of plants, with their bursting and crispy smells evoking fresh moaned grass, bitterness, memories of strong winds in a prairie or a cup of green tea. It is constructed around the leaf of Violet, Petitgrain, or Galbanum. 


The family of water and air, of transparent and refreshing smells, a recollection of cold waterfalls falling on the pebbles or a walk along the sea front. It is constructed around the ozone notes, the cucumber or the Calone.


The largest of all families, grouping Solifleur perfumes (around a unique flower) and the grand and sumptuous bouquets. It is the family of delicateness, romanticism, feminine sensitivity, constructed around the Rose, the Violet, the Jasmine or the Tuberose. 


The family of tenderness – the juicy, the sweet and sour, the memories of a summer fruit dribbling down the chin. It is constructed around melon, peach, raspberry or apple.


The family of childhood recollections – the taste and smell of sugar, pastry, Cotton Candy and hot chocolate. Constructed around Coffee, Cocoa, Vanilla or a Marzipan.


The family of unsettling and spicy heat, rich and intense exaltation, a recollection of a walk in a souk or Indian curry. It is constructed around Cinnamon, Cumin or Nutmeg. 


The family of amber, warmth, sensuality, memories of exotic travels. It is constructed around Vanilla, Amber, precious woods or Musk.


One of the eldest families in perfumery, with its tannin woody, animalic, smoked and suaves notes and tar. It evokes the memories of a Lapsang Souchong tea on board of the Mekong, the caress of a leather skin or an escapade in an English saddlery. Constructed around the notes of the Musky Daim, Birch or Styrax.


The family of vibrant warmth, elegant, dressed in an opulent or drier character. It is a recollection of the moist earth, of a promenade in a pine forest. Constructed around Patchouli, Vetyver, Sandal wood, Cedar wood.


A feminine family originated from the Chypre perfume created by Coty in 1917. It is a family of character, sophisticated, mysterious and handsome, constructed around the classic accord of Bergamot, Rose, Jasmine, Patchouli and Oak moss. 


The traditional masculine family, created in 1882 by Paul Parquet, the perfumer of the Houbigant house. It is the family of the good old shaving soap, constructed around a mix of aromatic notes of Lavender, wood and oak moss.